Designed like industry-standard handheld controllers, the Kinesys Rigger is easily operated with minimal training required, operating variable speed chain hoists. Can be used in place of or synchronized with a computer control system such as Vector or K2.

The flexible menu system on the Elevation 1+ and on-board speed control, enables the Rigger to be used as a controller for simple set up operations where only simple movements are required. The Rigger handset isn’t recommended to run shows unless your risk assessment allows it.

Emergency Stop button built into the handset and group halt function ensures the Rigger provides safe movement for set up. The Rigger automatically scans and recognises all connected Elevation 1+ units. Enable and disable the limits using a bypass key.


Integrated speed control for use with variable speed hoists
Positive, direct action toggle switches and separate Up, Down and Status indicators provide intuitive, instant feedback
Integrated Emergency Stop button, multifunction key switch and a group halt feature ensure the unit can be operated safely and securely
A single XLR-7 cable provides power and data connection to operate the unit
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