Elevation Hoist

New and improved, the Kinesys converted Elevation Hoist upgrades the earlier Elevation1+ controlled Liftket Chain hoist with an improved  Stageket body.

With the latest design and developments in manufacturing, the hoist shares many mechanical parts with top of the range Kinesys apex HOIST 500 model. As standard it includes a new latching chain hook, black chain and 24m height of lift.

All Elevation Hoists are fitted with double brakes, four position limit switches, encoder. They conform to the world’s most rigorous safety standards, in conjunction with LibraCELL.


• Kinesys Elevation Hoists – available in 280V and 400V
Variable speed Liftket, Kinesys converted for use with the Elevation control system
Range of speed – Up to 12m/min or 24m/min dependent upon model.
Lifting from 250kg to 1000kg capacity.
• More configurations available on request.
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services for the entertainment industry.
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