LibraRIG is a lifting accessory, designed and manufactured by Kinesys to connect a 4.75TE LibraCELL shackle to a 3.25 standard bow shackle.

Using LibraRIG the LibraCELLs do not have to be disassembled during load in/load out. 
LibraRIG can travel on the LibraCELL and loses less “hook height” than an O Ring, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the rigging process at each venue.

LibraRIG is not designed for lifting people.


23mm hole for LibraCELL 4.75TE load pin
20mm hole for 3.25TE bow shackle pin
SWL 3.25TE
Made in steel with zinc clear passivated finish
Safety factor 5:1
Measures: 100mm x 46mm x 25/30mm
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