Moveket I-motion Basic-II

The I-Motion Basic-C controller, which belongs to the Basic controller family, constitutes a compact system controller for the systemic control of kinetic drives in mobile and flexible project applications. 


The device, which is in desk format and furnished with a hand rest for greater comfort, is equipped with an integrated dynamic control lever with a dead-man function and speed ratio control, a high-resolution rotary encoder with a button function, a 12“ 4C touch screen and an input keyboard. Three USB ports for external devices such as a mouse, trackball, keyboard or memory stick are built in to the housing. A VGA output is provided for an external monitor. Two I-Net outputs allow integration via cable to the I-Motion network. 

Further features include an ID chip card reader with user-level evaluation and an integrated USV module with mains filter that provides effective protection against power outages. The controller also boasts such features as self-testing of relevant functions prior to system enabling as well as grouptranscending error monitoring within a network. 

The Basic-C controller is armed with a robust metal housing, whilst a complementary shockmount road case is available as an option.  

show controller according to DGUV 17 / EN 61508, SIL 3 control of complex kinetic devices  



Inbuilt UPS (3 min)
12” 4C-LCD Touch screen
BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3)
Control up top 240 devicses
Support Artnet, PSN, Time code etc.
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