MOTOR Revolve series is built for touring life with all the little features that make it quick and easy to tour with. Our revolve stages are very suitable for theater and the musical genre, where silent and precise execution is an important feature


The Revolve stages come in sections which make it easy and quick to assemble, we have several types of flooring in stock, but we are also happy to help with special flooring.

We have also provided up to 63A in the center along with a Fiber optic data source on all stages

Our stages come with all the necessary documentation to easily tour Europe

Our entire Revolve series can all be controlled from either Kinesys Vector or Movecat Vmotion

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Diameter disc 4997mm
Hight 200mm (with out floor)
Load capacity 100 kilo m2 - Disc total 1960 kilo
Drive unit 1 x 0.75 kw
Duty cycle S2 20min
Speed (motor at 1390 rpm) – DISC 1.95 rpm (0.51m/s)
Touring Cart (1 in total)
Motor placed inside the frame


63A 3fase power in center stage
Data system Fiber optic out in center stage


Power need: 32A 3fase
1 pcs. Kinesys Elevation1+ control option
1 pcs. Movecat V-motion control option
We provide creative stage automation
services for the entertainment industry.
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