The LibraPRO features four XLR4 outputs allowing up to 100 loadcells to be monitored. It also features four programmable relay outputs and Ethernet connectivity.


Integration is at the heart of the LibraPRO, multiple LibraCELL outputs and USB and Ethernet connectivity make this the core of a Libra system.

LibraPRO relay outputs can be utilised to trigger alarms or beacons to warn of underload or overload situations.
When LibraPRO is used with LibraWATCH it can unleash its full potential.

By downloading the free multiplatform software application LibraWATCH onto a computer, smartphone or tablet device you have the option of viewing load data in tabular, graphical or plan form through a user friendly interface.

LibraWIFI allows LibraWATCH to connect wirelessly whereby load data can be monitored on the go through multiple devices, thereby allowing key parameters to be edited remotely. This gives all personnel a complete overview of the safety of any rigging installation.

LibraVIEW can also connect to LibraPRO via its Ethernet or USB interface.

In order to work with LibraWATCH, LibraPRO needs to be running V2.14 firmware or later.


USB and Ethernet connection for LibraVIEW
Connect up to 100 loadcells
Ethernet connection for LibraWATCH
Programmable relay outputs
4 x XLR4 data connections
1U 19” rack mounting case

Control Connections

4 x XLR4 LibraCELL Outputs
1 x Ethernet (Ethercon)
1 x USB (Type B)
2 x Mains Switched Relay Outputs
2 x Volt Free Relay Outputs
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