apexDRIVE V2

Our state of the art variable speed chain hoist control has evolved. May we present the apexDRIVE v2, built to comply with the latest safety directives and compatible with both Kinesys and TAIT automation control.


The apexDRIVE v2 works with all apexHOIST models. The drive is compatible with all existing Kinesys and TAIT software which allows for integration into existing systems.

The on-board safety features mean that a custom power distribution is not required.

The drive features a touchscreen display for feedback and diagnostics, manual controls on the front panel for ease of use, and complies with DGUV 17 (BGV C1) and EN17206. The drive has the ability to daisy-chain power between drives using a Ceeform cable.


Compatible with all existing Kinesys and TAIT software
On-board safety features
Manual controls on front panel Touchscreen display
Real-time data logging
True zero speed – zero speed load holding with open brakes
SIL3 rated
apexHOIST500 & 1250, apexHOIST 500 Servo


Rated Voltage: 400 V AC ±10%
Power: 3-phase + neutral + ground 400VAC, 6A nominal, 10A peak
Mains Connector: IEC 60309 ‘Ceeform’ 32A 400V with link output
Drive Type Closed loop

Safety Functions include

Emergency stop / dead man’s device SS1: Safe Stop 1
SLS: Safe Limited Speed
SLA: Safe Limited Acceleration SEL: Safe Emergency Limit SDI: Safe Direction
Safe Load Monitoring
Safe Brake Control Safe Group Halt
SIL3 (EN 62061) PLe (EN ISO 13849)
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