MOVEKET VMW-S 125-3-30

High Speed winch for Universal use in entertainment, tour and events application


Plug and Play setup with our I-Motion System, connectable to 52cm trussing, and officially approved for flying artists.

It is manufactured according to BGV C1/DGUV-17, DIN56950, EN61508 (SIL3) and DGUV315-390 checked. Whilst in can lift 125kg it is blazingly fast! 3m per second. Or incredibly slow with our closed-loop system -> 0m per second and 1 second acceleration to full speed and full load.

The outstanding design with zero fleet allows setup in any direction.


125kilo load
30m. travel
0-3000mm/sec Zero Fleet
Dimensions: 1050 x 520 x 630 mm (length x width x height)
Weight: 212 kg
Motor power 5.5kw.
Used whit V-Motion 75
We provide creative stage automation
services for the entertainment industry.
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8700 Horsens

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