Array Mini PD-ES

This unit provides 32A of emergency stop switched power through two 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets.


A single-phase auxiliary outlet is provided for technical use. The three-phase outlets are protected with an adjustable RCD. Along with power and status indicators, the unit includes Transform 485 functionality providing an interface between Vector or K2 and Elevation 1+.

Multiple fixing for hook clamps or half couplers allow for a variety of mounting orientations.


Power distribution and emergency stop system contained in a compact case
Two 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets protected with an adjustable RCD
Single phase auxiliary outlet
Adjustable RCD
Multiple fixing points for hook clamps or half couplers

Mains Input/Output

5-pin 32A Red ‘Ceeform’ type plug to IEC60309
2 x 5pin 32A ‘Ceeform’ type socket to IEC60309
1 x 16A ‘Ceeform’ type IEC60309 3 pole connector

Control Connections

Ethercon for connection to Vector or K2
2 x XLR7 outputs
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