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STAGE AUTOMATION is immersive, It's safe, and it's more than ready.

Safety is no longer an issue, with the leading manufacturers having ticked all the boxes to have the safest system available in the entertainment industry. Flying effects above the stage or the audience is some element readily. Now, the new industry standard EN17206:2020 making it is easier for companies to align on common safety standards across the world. As a stage designer, you want to use stage automation as a significant piece of your set design. Now it's the norm and no longer out of reach.

I have picked two I'm my favourite immersive stage automation experiences, Greenday's American Idiot 2021 - Copenhagen, and Ultra Music's - Restsiance Ibiza 2018.

Green Day's American Idiot definitely gets it. With too many changes to the set to count keeping the audience engaged with the large flying concrete structures, constantly changing the scale of the stage. The whole show was initiated by the structural movement, with the performers being part of these stage set movements. It really is an eye-opener of a show.

Resistance Ibiza - The "Diamond" effect, creating a vast amount of different shapes and visualisations above the crowd. From every angle of the venue, there was a different way to look at the different shape's being created. The audience where left with

It's exciting to see the fast-flying structures above the stage. It's even more impressive when the whole set has been designed around the flying systems, as they truly become part of the stage—separating an in-box design from real immersive stage automation.

Let's see what the future brings!


2022 Is going to bring on a vast amount of events, Motor Stage Automation can already see the creativity blowing up in new ideas and expectations for stage and set design. We have focused on having the latest equipment available with the safest control system, to be able to deliver what is going to be needed.

Engineering Stage Automation solutions is what we do. The combination of safe machinery, with a safe control system with the right teams and skills to be able to execute on a high level, is the number one focus.

CREATE | DEFINE | SHOW we put together to readily simply our process from paper to production. We will continually develop the equipment, but more importantly, develop an understanding of stage automation for the industry.
We provide creative stage automation
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