Motor Stage Automation makes large investment in Kinesys Kit

Denmark-based entertainment automation specialist, Motor Stage Automation (MSA), has made a substantial investment in leading brand Kinesys, comprising 30 Kinesys Apex 500kg hoists and 30 Kinesys Apex V2 drives plus three Mentor 401 safety controllers.

As such, offering SIL3 safety over Ethernet and safety control of up to 60 devices simultaneously.

This follows up a second-batch purchase of 21 Kinesys Apex 500kg hoists and 26 Kinesys V1 Drives, a Mentor 401 and Vector control delivered last year, bringing MSA’s current total of Apex hosts to 72, including Apex 1250Kg motors that arrived when the company launched in 2021.

While that might be a lot of Apex hoists, it seems there are “never enough” according to MSA’s Christian Vigso.
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