Denmark - Motor Stage Automation (MSA), has made a substantial investment – over 100 pieces – in equipment from industry leading brand Moveket, comprising 125 Kg and 500 Kg Moveket VMK-S C1 variable speed silent hoists, 125 Kilo Moveket VMW-S high speed winches, Moveket I-Motion Expert-T III and I-Motion Basic control consoles, together with Moveket V-Motion Drives – both E40 and E75 units.

This was supplied to MSA via Danish distributor Matrix Sales and has been added to MSA’s rental stock to help meet current trends and demands in the busy and wonderful world of performance automation.

“Moveket is a premium name in automation, their products are known for their quality and versatility, and as MSA is a truly independent business dedicated to delivering the very best and most innovative solutions for our clients, it is important to have this kit available,” stated MSA’s Christian Vigsø.
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